Things Not to Do If You Want to Succeed


I do realize that ambitions alone cannot lead to success and that you should act if you want to succeed. However, there are things, which may stand on your way to success. You need to get rid of some habits, which will constantly hold you back. Here are these things.

Saying “I Cannot”

Of course, most of us use this phrase very often. However, when we say “I cannot,” it often means “I will not.” Also, it can mean that you do not want to do what you are asked to. But in your mind, the words “I cannot” create a possibility of failure. You may not even realize it, but this creates negative self-talk. When you are repeating it again and again, you slowly start to discourage yourself. This way, you may feel less confident. However, by taking these words out of the vocabulary, you can see how your confidence will increase and how your ability to succeed will grow.


Your actions determine the difference between the person you are and the person you want to be. It may seem to be quite simple, but for many people, it is not. Actually, it does not matter what field you are willing to succeed in, there is always something on your way to success. And it is up to you to take responsibility for everything you do. You should not procrastinate and say something like “I will do it tomorrow.” Sure, it is easier to say than to fulfill, but just do not think of it – do it.

Fear of Failure

It is very important to stop being afraid of failure if you want to become a successful person. You have to be truly confident that you will achieve all of your goals. All of us who have ever accomplished anything, failed at some point. But it is one of the ways how we learn to become better. But you should not be afraid. When you fail, just get up and take a lesson from that failure, and then try again. As long as you keep making every effort to succeed, you will never fail. Continue reading

How to Succeed in Your Life

How to Succeed in Your Life

Do you sometimes think that you do many things wrong? Do you wonder how to increase your chances of having a long and happy life? Below, you will find several useful pieces of advice on how to succeed in your life.

Take Responsibility

Do not blame other people. Even if your difficulties are caused by other people or circumstances that make it almost impossible for you to succeed in your life, you still are the only person who can fix your own problems. So, if you want to be a successful person, take everything in your hands.
Do not let yourself procrastinate. Do not put off whatever you need to do until tomorrow or the next week. This way, you will find those things undone or get done too poorly. If you solve your problems right away, you should do this properly.
Improve your skills. Always strive to become best at whatever you are doing.
Take care of your body. Eat healthy food, keep yourself clean, and exercise regularly.

Show Compassion

Create a happy family. Not every person would like to have a wife/husband and kids, but most of us cannot feel fulfilled without these people. It is evident that when we get older, we tend to feel lonely, because our friends prefer spending time with their families. Create a support network of people you can always rely on.
Help others. Sometimes it is difficult to realize why being kind to other people helps us, as well. We often hear that to succeed, we only have to fight for ourselves and forget about others. But when doing good for other people, we make sure that they want to do good for us, too. Continue reading

How Not to Make Your Dorm Life a Nightmare

Dorm Life

You are no longer a small child living in your childhood bedroom. Some things are already in the past, while others are completely new. Dorm life is an entirely new experience for you as you learn how to be responsible and deal with some routine stuff on your own. But how not to turn your dorm life into a nightmare? The following must-know statements will hopefully help you deal with it!

1.Learn the wash cycle

If you’ve never used the washing machine (because your mom was in charge), it is high time to start thinking of the best way to launder your clothes. Do not wait for the moment when your basket is about to blow up. Another important thing is to take into consideration the cleaning instructions of every piece of clothing. Some of them need special care and should be hand-laundered. Also, do not forget about colors and material if you don’t want to wear things that look dirty or faded.

2.Keep your stuff organized…

…especially clothes. First of all, disordered stuff eats up a lot of free space. Secondly, if you keep your things in a neat way, you will not get lost in a dump of clothes when you hurry up. There must be a place for everything. Think of storage solutions. Extra hanging shelves or a standing bookcase will never be redundant. Continue reading

Pros and Cons of Life in the Dormitory

Life in Dorm

Living in a dormitory is probably the most memorable part of studying in college. There is no better place to learn how to solve a conflict with your roommate, who decided to drive you crazy, stock food you took from a dining hall or host three times more people than your place can actually fit and conceal it from an R.A.
Are any of these reminding about your being a first-year student? If you do not remember it, read the list of pros of dorm life to recall about alma-mater times. Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about cons.

  • Pro: You have your own place to stay… even if it isn’t really yours… even if you sometimes have to tolerate intolerable roommate.
  • Con: That feeling when you live on the fifth floor and there is no elevator in the dorm, so you have to carry your stuff upstairs by yourself.
  • Pro: Dorm is like a night club – there is a huge number of people hanging out 24/7.
  • Con: When you need to wake up early and the jerk next door who is a fan of dubstep keeps you awake all night.
  • Pro: A dorm is a separate world of drama and soap opera, special for every inhabitant.
  • Con: Lots of people gossip about you even though you do not give any slightest grounds.
  • Pro: If you left the room and forgot your keys inside, there’s no need to call the locksmith – just dial your roommate.
  • Con: If you get locked out when taking a shower in common bathrooms, it is a disaster as people rarely take phones with them to the shower.
  • Pro: You do not need to clean the bathroom as there is usually a person hired to do it in dorms.
  • Con: You have nothing else to do than tolerate horrible habits of the other communal bathrooms users until the staff cleans everything up.
  • Pro: In dormitories, students are used to sharing food they brought with other people, so you can choose anything you want.
  • Con: The place where you usually eat together in a dorm looks far from great at the end of semester.
  • Pro: Living in a dorm, one has always someone to party with.
  • Con: You stay in a dorm for weekend, so you have to tolerate drunk students’ inadequate behavior.
  • Pro: There are common spaces and lounges where you can spend time with your friends.
  • Continue reading

Catch the Rhythm in Energetic Music at These 10 NYC Dance Spots


New Yorkers and visitors adore dancing at city clubs. A night of dancing allows them to let off their unflagging energy. Here is a list of the best dance spots in New York City:

The Jane Hotel (212-924-6700)

The Ballroom of the Jane Hotel is an excellent spot for the best dance party in town at Sunday night. Earlier, sailors ordinarily used this place to rest. Now, the Jane Hotel offers dancing all night long. If you decide to attend this spot, do not forget that the party begins late, which is typical for New York.

Lavo (212-750-5588)

Although this spot is the most expensive in the list, it is worth visiting. Lavo’s DJs tend to mix pop, house, hip-hop, and EDM, which ensures an unforgettable atmosphere. Faint-hearted people hardly like this party, since chaos can easily seize you by the morning.

Mehanata (212-625-0981)

Mehanata, a Bulgarian club, is often ignored. It seems that this spot is a home of nomadic gypsies and a sinful vodka ice room. Pass through the ice room and start dancing at one of Mahatana’s two floors. This hidden party house makes your friends think that they appear in Eastern Europe and not in the Lower East Side.

Verboten (347-223-4732)

Verboten nightclub gives you a chance to dance until sunrise. The 10,000-square-foot space is divided into two rooms and caters. Insuperable love of underground house and a strong desire to dance off unite an electric crowd that attends this spot.

Marquee (646-473-0202)

Marquee did not attract party people for a couple of years. However, after a complete repair in 2012, the nightclub returns its popularity. A huge number of dance lovers begin to attend this spot again. Marquee consists of one large room and a balcony for a VIP area. International electronic DJs weekly create their energetic dance music. You will certainly meet many New Yorkers and curious travelers on the Marquee’s dance floor. Continue reading

4 Tips to Feel Great This Summer

Summer Challenges

The summer with its sultry weather has come. Everyone attempts to find effective ways of coping with the tremendous heat. Here are four tips that will be perfect if you want to feel comfortable during this hot season and ensure good mood as well.

Proper hydration

Staying hydrated is the number one priority if the weather is hot. Water allows every cell and organ in your body to perform their functions correctly. It contributes to maintaining normal body temperature and removing weight. Lack of water disrupts proper work of your body and entails unpleasant feelings. To avoid such issues, you should drink two liters of water on a daily basis. It allows your body to function properly and also ensures normal hydration for your skin. You can use an app if you usually forget about regular water consumption. It serves as a reminder of how much water you have to drink.

The whole body detoxification

Complete detox does not require stopping consuming your favorite food. However, you should consume less food that increases your body temperature, such as spicy food, meat, caffeine, and millets. Besides, drinking and smoking also contribute to increasing body temperature. You will improve your health and mood if you give up such activities at least in summer. A total detox will certainly make you feel great and energetic. Moreover, you will get rid of harmful toxins, which is an effective way to increase longevity and slow down aging. Try to implement a detox program, and you surely notice positive changes in your body. Continue reading

Why College Relationships do not Last Long

College Relationships

When you are in college, you finally live the way you want and do exactly what you want. In particular, you have more personal freedom concerning love issues. If you have a date, you see him/her whenever you want and often think that it will last long. I do not want to discourage you, but relationships in college often ended with breaking up. If you have a date now, I wish you all the best. I just want to share my experience and comfort those who had the same situations.

Doing What YOU Want

When we enter college, we all have some goals, the most important of which is to acquire skills for future occupation. Everything that happens around and everyone you communicate with influence your attitude to this goal, and thus you might be prone to change it. It’s normal. However, if a person has too much influence on you, that may be a problem. My college girlfriend supported me, but when I choose profession, she asked whether my occupation will be paid enough to support her if we create a family. I understood that and changed my life goal, but I did not want it.
After we broke up, I realized that she had so much influence on me that I redirected my life. I made my own decisions, but they were not always right as they were largely fostered by my ex-date. Here I am telling you: do what you want to live your life. Continue reading

Top Things to Do Alone

Things to Do Alone

Most of us spend our free time with our friends, relatives, and lovers. However, sometimes we have to be on our own, and this might seem perplexing. The reason is that we do not know what to do at such moments. We propose 15 the most interesting ideas of how to spend time on your own.

Open the World. Travelling alone is the best type of journey. You do need to search the compromises with others on where to go, where to sleep, and what to eat. Just make a decision and go for it!

It’s high time for a dinner. What can be better than good, tasty calm dinner without someone who asks to taste your food? You may take a favorite book with and switch off your phone. It’ll make your dinner unforgettable.

A trip to a museum. Do not hire a guide. Create your journey by yourself. Look at things that are there in the way you want.

Lost in the book. Go to the bookstore and relax. You can overview all the books there. It is not necessary to pay for it, just read until someone asks you to go.

Enjoy a funny TV show. Each of us has own favorite show or series we are fond of. Now, you can watch it without caring for someone’s fatigue.

Visit a free concert. Look for some band you like to listen to or try something new. Alone you will concentrate only on music. Continue reading

5 Tricks to Improve Your GPA

My Study Room is the Park

Every student wants to have a better GPA with minimal efforts. I say that getting better grades is not that challenging. All you have to do is look at the following activities and make them your daily practice. A couple minutes a day will help you achieve outstanding academic results.

1. Make class notes your bedtime reading

It doesn’t mean you have to give up reading that Stephen King’s book, not at all. You just have to spend some 10-15 min rereading the class material. Evening is the perfect time for storing new information in long-term memory. Thus, it will be easier to recall the new material and you will spend less time on exam preparation. By the way, you do not have to go through all the notes at once. Just reread the last lectures every in the evening.

2. Study beforehand

This is the most valuable advice. Unfortunately, many students find it really hard to follow. You keep postponing studying, the assignments pile up, and the last thing you know is that you are burning the midnight oil, all stressed out, promising yourself never to do this again. However, studying in advance is not that difficult. Besides, it will save you from the trouble of staying up late. Continue reading

Free Things to Do This Weekend

Woman Friends at Cafe

Earlier, I used to have only those kinds of hobbies that required money spending. But at one point, I realized that it is too expensive for me. Actually, it happens to all of us, but when – it depends on your responsibility and attitude toward money. However, it does not mean that you have to forget about entertainment.
Below you can find several ideas to get started enjoying your life without spending much money.

Streamline Your Routine

Think well what should be changed in your daily life and then just start those changes accordingly. If you have to clean your room, start with cleaning, and make it a routine. If there is too much stress in your life, take some time to relax. If you have no time to cook during the week, cook something healthy for the week in advance. Do not simply organize your space – realize that you are doing everything to make your life better.

Go Hiking or Camping

It is not so frightful to get your feet and knees dirty like you did as a kid. Hike to the top of any mountain you can get to and just sit and gaze out. If you have no opportunity for this, go to the local nature preserve. You will be in harmony with yourself and your own life. Sometimes, it is very useful to step away from it a bit.

Help Someone with Getting No Benefit

Help your neighbor with a yard sale or do something in his/her garden, help an old woman with shopping, cook breakfast to your grandma… It does not matter what you are going to do, just do it solely for the sake of someone else. You will feel fulfilled, knowing that you have spent a day doing something worthwhile. Continue reading